Pets for Adoption
Female, Red Eared Slider Turtle

Tabitha is approximately two years old and is very friendly.  When she see
someone come up to the pond she will quickly swim to them to visit and hopefully
be petted.  We have many turtles up for adoption.  These too, come from
shelters and are destroyed.  They make great pond pets and are very social
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Handsome Howard
Male, Italian Greyhound Mix

Handsome Howard is a one year old Italian Greyhound Mix.  Neutered with
current shots, this sweety is a perfect gentleman.  Very romantic fellow as he
loves long walks and adores cuddling.  Looking for his perfect Valentine, he has
a very playful side also.  This guy has wrapped himself around the hearts of
everyone he meets!
Female, French Brittany Spaniel

Marlena is a pure French Brittney Spaniel who is approximately 6 and a half
years old.  She has been spayed, has current vaccinations, and is
micro-chipped.  She is a complete cuddle-bug!!  Looking for love, and has lots of
love to give! This sweetie would make a great family pet.  If you're looking for a
new family member to add to your household, please consider little Marlena!!
Male, Pitt Bull Terrier

Bootz is a Pit Bull Terrier/ Laborador Retriever mix.  Male, neutered, he has
current shots, and is micro-chipped.  Bootz is housebroken and has been
through obedience classes. Taking commands well he likes to please.  He is shy
a first but once he knows you he loves to play and is quite affectionate. He loves
children and other animals.  Would make a good guard dog for any family as he
is quite loyal.
Male, Pitt Bull Terrier

Our Lava is a sweet male, neutered Pitt Bull mix.  He has current shots and is very
healthy.  He  was rescued from a high kill shelter where he developed a skin issue
that scarred and left him with thinning fur.  He is the most loving, playful baby!!
Brownie is approximately a year and a half old and weighs approximately forty
pounds,  he only wants a family to love him forever!!
Female, German Shepherd

Buffy is a full bred German Shepherd who is approximately two years old. She has
been fixed, has current shots, and is micro-chipped. Very affectionate and friendly,
Buffy loves everyone she meets. Eager to please, she is a calm, sweet dog. Buffy
comes with a minimum if five weeks of dog training lessons with our retired K-9
trainer in Las Vegas.
Male, German Shepherd

Dasher is a full blood German Shepard who was rescued from a high kill California
shelter.  He is approximately one and a half years old, neutered, has current
shots, and is micro-chipped. He is a Rey scared boy who needs an experienced
adopter. He will come with free training classes with our retired K-9 trainer in Las
Male, German Shepherd

Charlie is a full blood German Shepherd who was rescued from a high kill shelter.  
Very beautiful male, who has been neutered, has current shots, and is
micro-chipped. He is an Alpha male who is very friendly and loves people.  Charlie
comes with free training classes from our retired K-9 trainer in Las Vegas.
Female, Border Collie Mix

Chrissy is a border collie, laborador mix.  She is approximately a year and a half
old, spayed, has current shots, and is microchipped.  She is a high energy dog
and loves to run and play.  Very friendly, Chrissy would make a great playmate for
anyone!!!  Upon adoption Chrissy will receive free sessions with our retired K-9
trainer in Las Vegas.
Male, Rottweiler

Butch is a large three year old Rottweiler. Male, neutered, current shots, and
micro-chipped. Butch loves playing ball and will bring it back every time. Lovestro
either play by himself or with someone.  Very sweet, large boy looking for a home
and a family to love forever!!
Male, German Shepherd

Gambino is a large German Shepherd/Rottweiler mix.  Male, neutered, with current
shots.. Very sweet dog, great with kids, and all other animals.  Gambino is the
perfect guard dog as he has the loos, and sound, without being a liability.  Loves
to play ball and walk around with lawn chairs on his head! Will, if invited, sit in your
lap and suck up lots of attention!!
Male, Domestic Shorthair Cat

Karma is an all black, male, who is approximately a year old.  He is super loving,
and loves to play hard!!  He is very loyal, but isn't afraid to give someone a big
dose of 'Karma' if he feels they need it!  Great with all animals, please consider
meeting this love bug