Products can be ordered in these and other patterns.
For our ferret friends we offer the Ferret Sock, It keeps them warm and safe at nigth
Our Ferret products are great for all sorts of small animals. The Ferret Tunnel is a great place to hide and play .
The popular Pet Pouch is ideal for carrying your special friend or even a pet pals treats.
The Pet Hammock comes in large and small. From monkeys to mormosets, and guinea pigs to kittens, they all love to play and sleep in our specially designed hammocks.
Small Hammock:
$ 17.99
Dimensions 15X15
Large Hammock:
Dimensions 16X22
Sugar Glider Pouch:
Dimensions 6X6
Ferret Sock, Sack, and tunnel:
$ 17.99
Dimensions 6X18