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Pets for Adoption
Flower Power
Domestic Shorthair, Female

Little Flower Power is the friendliest kitten ever!! She loves to cuddle, play a little,
then cuddle some more. She is a seven month old, spayed female with current
shots.  Flower is the definition of Happiness! She loves to purr and knead her
paws on anyone who will sit still.  Very sweet, and we are sure a reincarnated
child of the sixties..
Male, Domestic Short Hair Cat Tuxedo

Johnny is The Most Loving cat we have ever had! He is looking for a home to
call his own.  Rescued from a high kill shelter he has been neutered, and has
current shots.  Johnny thinks he is a human and loves to talk.  Gladly, he will
follow you around and tell you how to do it right.
Female, American Pit Bull Terrier

Gypsy is a female , who is approximately a year and a half old.  She has been
spayed, has current shots, and is micro-chipped.  Gypsy is a very small obedient
girl who loves to play!! She knows basic commands and likes to please.  
Rescued on her kill date she was taken from a high kill shelter in Southern
California.  Gypsy very much deserves a chance to have a real family of her own.
Male, Lionhead Rabbit

Noah is a male, neutered, Lionhead Bunny.  He is approximately nine months
old and has been rescued from a high kill shelter.  He loves to play with toys and
be sociable.  Very loving, Noah would make a great companion .
Female Domestic Shorthair Blue Tabby

Little Prances is a seven month old, adorable female.  She is spayed, and has
current shots.  So sweet and loving she is a beautiful creature.  Truly, this baby
would make a great addition to any loving family. She will fill someone's heart